Mindfulness Yoga Classes and Karate Classes in the Swansea Area   with Anne Hughes


By anniehughes48, Jun 12 2017 11:01AM

THIS WEEKS CLASS SCHEDULE Fun friendly Hatha Yoga classes with Annie.. Wales Yoga ..

Monday Bungies Gym Ravenhill Swansea 6.15 pm untill 7.30 pm

Tuesday Pontarddulais comprehensive school 7 pm untill 8 pm

Wednesday Birchgrove community centre 7.30 pm until 8.45 pm

Friday Birchgrove community centre 10.00 am untill 11.15 am

YOU don't need to be bendy or slim and no need to book just bring yourself with a mat, blanket and a bottle of water AND Let yoga take you into the present moment the only place were life exists..

Yoga classes cover a more holistic approach to yoga ...Classes cover Pranayama (breathing techniques) Asanas (stretching) Relaxation using different techniques to calm the busy mind and relax the body and Meditation whilst Working with the energy centres to calm and soothe the mind finding inner peace and stillness. .. while building strength and flexibilty in the body ..

Visit www.walesyoga.co.uk for more information or please feel free to contact me

Look forward to seeing you all on your mats


Annie 😃😃

By anniehughes48, Feb 26 2017 02:10PM

Friendly hatha yoga classes in and around the swansea area

Monday Bungies gym ravenhill 6.15 pm

Tuesday pontarddulais community leisure centre 7 pm

Wednesday bichgrove community centre 7.30 pm

Friday birchgrove community centre 10.00 am

Classes cover breathwork stretching relaxation and meditation

You dont have to bendy or stretchy to come to class ..just bring a mat and blanket for relaxation

men warmly welcomed Classes suitable for all abilities

please feel free to contact me for more information on classes

By anniehughes48, Apr 28 2016 04:51PM

Hatha yoga classes at Pontarddulais comprehensive school swansea on tuesday evenings 7 pm until 8 pm ..This Yoga class is suitable for all abilities and ages

Classes cover breathwork stretching relaxation and meditation

If you suffer with any health issues please feel free to contact me for more information

By anniehughes48, Mar 8 2016 04:24PM

A lovely review i received from the champions soccer academy llandarcy

Hi Annie,

"Annie, our coaches, parents and players can't speak highly enough of your Yoga Practice with our players.

To come and deliver Yoga sessions on a Football Programme is no mean feat.

The players are here to play Football, so there is sometimes some work to do to engage them in something 'different'.

You accomplish this easily and masterfully with a down-to-earth and loving manner that the boys clearly respond to...

Our coaches, especially Huw Lloyd, can't get enough of the Yoga either.

In fact, I think Lloydy must be your star pupil!

We always look for two things when selecting coaches to come in and deliver on our 'Elite Weeks':

1. Subject knowledge and Teaching Skills

2. An ability to inspire our children to be more.

You tick both boxes for us.

Thanks for your dedicatation and quality work which is adding value to our players lives. making them more aware of their bodies and more confident in themselves."

Frankie burrows

Founder & Director of The Champion's Soccer Academy, Swansea

By anniehughes48, Mar 8 2016 04:19PM

yoga clesses for beginners are running at Bungies Gym Ravenhill swansea

The class times are 6.15 pm until 7.30 pm on monday evenings

The yoga classes will focus on breathwork ( pranayama) stretches (asanas) relaxation and meditation

If you are ineterseted in joining the classes please contact me for more information

You will require a yoga mat and blanket for relaxation

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water

I look forward to meeting new students

love and light


By anniehughes48, Jan 21 2016 09:01PM

New yoga class at Bungies Gym Ravenhil road Swansea with Anne Hughes of Wales yoga

The yoga Classes are held on Monday evenigs 6.15 - 7.30 pm and a second class 7.40 - 8.50 pm

You will need to book in for the classes as space is limited

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket to class

Please feel free to ring for more information

Love and Light

Annie xx

By anniehughes48, Jan 21 2016 08:55PM

A new hatha yoga class starting on monday 8 th febuary at Bungies Gym Ravenhill Swansea

This yoga class is suitable for beginners

The yoga class will start at 7.40 pm and finish at 8.50pm

The first yoga class starts at 6.15 pm until 7.30 pm

For more inforation plesae visit the website


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